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Creating the Land Record Source Citation

Blogger friend, Randy Seaver, posted Creating the Land Record Source Citation in Family Tree Maker 2012 . I didn't get a chance to reply to him, or to using the Template feature for a Land Record. As it turns out, it is a very timely post, as this record type was talked about in the DearMYRTLE Community in Google+ and on a Hangout on Air. There will be a discussion about these records very soon.

I found Randy's image and here are the steps I took, which are very close to what he had posted. I only used the Name FACT in my database, for this blog post, but wanted to Add this Source and Citation to the Name FACT. So, I clicked on New Sources, on the People Workspace, Person View. The Add Source window opened, where I selected More.... From there, I selected Local and State Records, Property and Probate. As did Randy, Image Copies, Online.

I opened my Evidence Explained to page 494, which would reflect the information at the top of the Select Source Template window.

This brings up the Edit Source screen where I added New York, Erie County, and Aurora. The Record Series was Erie County, New York Deeds, 1844-1850, volumes 78-79, found on Family Search, www.familysearch.org and FamilySearch.org ast the Repository.

For the Citation Detail I entered:

Volume 78, Page 396, Samuel Vaux deed in Aurora, N.Y. from Seth Sprague (Lot 22), accessed 05 Mar 2013; citing New York, Land Records, 1630-1975; Erie Deeds 1844-1850 vol 78-79; Image 184 of 792 

For the Citation Text I left it blank, as there does not appear to be any additional information that  might need.

I did, past the Web address from Family Search, but chose not to include the Citation text nor Web address in the Reference Note.

In the Source Workspace, the Citation Information looks like this.

Wanting to see what the EndNote would look like, I generated an Individual Report in the Publish Workspace.

The data elements are there. The difference, as I have seen before, the order of the jurisdiction is not the same as in Evidence Explained. The FTM2012 templates for location got from smallest to largest. Aurora, Erie (County), New York (State). But this is consistent within Family Tree Maker.

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  1. Thanks, Russ.

    To me, the "Record Series" was the "New York, Land records 1630-1975" and not the specific volume. I don't know what's the correct terminology here. If I had been at the Batavia record office, and pulled the book off the shelf, I think the Record Series would have been the "Erie County Deed Books" and the specific volume would have been cited in the Citation Detail.

    I think i'll ask ESM if she doesn't comment on our posts.

    1. Randy, Please do (ESM's comments).

      I am not disagreeing with you and the Record Series could be appropriate.

      I know in the Census Template(s), we have a choice to be by location (County Level). That is what I normally choose, so I usually get to the specific "volume".

      I used the QuickCheck Model on page 494 for this one, based on our selection of the Source Template.

      As I mentioned, I have some Land Records that I took photos of from NARA last spring. I will do another post based on those photos.


  2. I'm curious if you and Randy are both using the first edition of Evidence Explained, or if you are using the 2nd edition, Russ. That may explain the difference between the two of you.

    It's also curious that both RootsMagic and FTM say the templates are based on EE (2007), yet they are both different from each other AND different from the model in EE.

    Kinda makes me want to just start using the freeform template instead.

    1. Jenny,

      Legacy Family Tree also uses Evidence Explained! for it's templates.

      Like a GEDCOM file, each application implemented the "system" as it understood the requirements.

      Thank you for your comments.



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