Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Exporting to a GEDCOM with unexpected results on Import

Recently, I exported a file to the GEDCOM format. When that file was imported into a 3rd party program, the results were not right. For example, I had an Occupation fact that had a Location. What I saw in the report from the 3rd party program was

Occupation / Location

It should have just been


The issue is in the way the GEDCOM was formatted. The first export was in the GEDCOM 5.5 format, but had selected Version 16, when the type of format was selected. I have used that format for many years. Out of habit I suspect.

To correct the unexpected results, I returned to the File, Export menu.

This brings up a window where you select the format that you want to export the file into. In this case, I selected GEDCOM 5.5, which is seen from the Output Format: pull down menu. 

The default is FTM16, which I had used before, with the unexpected results. From this menu, I will select FTM2012.

With FTM2012 selected, a window will appear to name the GEDCOM file.

This time, the results were correct.

Not all GEDCOMs are equal.


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