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Evidentia Export to FTM2012 Import - Person Reports

Continuing the with my leaning Evidentia and how to use that data in Family Tree Maker, I posted Evidentia Export to FTM2012 Import - Fields earlier. To summarize what information is generated from Evidentia, and what Files are used in FTM2012, and in what Workspace do you find that informat:

That is the import or data entry view of the data.

Any time I start something new, or decide how I want to handle some specific information or how I format my information I look at the output before I make my decision. Meaning I test "stuff" out first, a test file or two.

In my previous post, I suggested that the Analysis of the Claim would be in the Citation Text field, in the Source Workspace, and that the Proof Conclusion would go into the Research Notes. That allows me to concentrate on my sources and my analysis of the claims in that source, all in one place. Since the Conclusion is more about the Person, the Research Note would be the place to put my Conclusion. Over time, that Research Note would have all of the Conclusions of all of the claims that I had found and analysed.

There are two places where we can generate a report what has options to include the Claim Analysis and the Proof Conclusion. For this blog post, I won't go through the 15 different configurations, but will show the one that appears to work best for me.

In the Publish Workspace, Person Collection, Individual Report, with Notes on, in the Items to Include option screen, we see this:

That looks OK, as the Research Notes are provided, but the Claim Analysis is NOT present. In my earlier post, I had turned the Citation Notes field OFF, as I thought it was confusing to me.

I returned to the Sources Workspace and put a check mark in the Citation Text in the Reference Note box. Now the "sources" part of the report looks like this:

That is an example of why I thought the information in the EndNote / Reference Note was confusing. I can't tell where the Citation leaves off the Claim Analysis begins.

Back to the drawing board, for me.

I then looked at having the Conclusion in the Research Notes and the Analysis in the Fact Notes field and ran the same report.

In this report, I can see the Proof Conclusion first, followed by each Fact and its Claim Analysis. That looks great for me.

The difference now is that all of the review for this person, including the Claim Analysis will be in the People Workspace, Person View.

On one screen, I can now see what was done in Evidentia for this Claim / Fact. The Analysis on the right and the conclusion on the left, in the Research Notes.

That works for me, so far, as I don't have to turn options on or off, for a report. The report, for me at this point, is complete and I can see everything for that fact / claim in one place, on one screen.

More to follow. Don't think I done yet, as there may be more things to consider


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