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Evidentia Export to FTM2012 Import - Ancestry Member Tree

Continuing the used of a GEDCOM file, created from Evidentia, I wanted to see how it shows up in an Ancestry Member Tree.

To show the Options for Exporting from Evidentia:

and a summary of the above screen into FTM2012 and where that data goes (below)


Evidentia Export to FTM2012 Import - Person Reports

I thought that using the option of Exporting the Analysis of the claims from a document into the Fact Notes, and the Conclusion into the Research Notes for that person would work for me. In the Person Workspace, Person View, selecting the Fact Notes tab, and the Research Notes tab, I could see my analysis and conclusion on the same screen. That works of me, on my computer. BUT what happens when I put upload that file into my Ancestry Member Tree.

I go to the Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) for this person and the Fact and Sources tab, Selecting Source Citation, I don't see either the Analysis information, nor the Conclusion.

So, what worked for my on the screen, will not work on the AMT.

Looking back to the FTM2012 Reports option:

Evidentia Export to FTM2012 Import - Fields

Where the Analysis of the Claims were in the Citation Text field, in the Sources Workspace and the Conclusion in the Person Notes field now looks like this in the AMT.

I see the Analysis in the Source Citation, Citation Information under Transcription of text. Not sure the heading it right, but the analysis is there. Noticing the "View Note" is showing up on the upper menu, I can see the Conclusion.

The Analysis and Conclusion are both present in the Ancestry Member Tree.

Bottom line here, What works in the AMT does not work, for me, within FTM2012. Here is why:

Although on the Screen, Sources workspace, the EndNotes are confusing, in that they are at the end of the Citation information. On Screen it looks like this:

The Analysis can be controlled with the Check Mark in the "include in Reference Note" on this screen. But in doing so, that is unchecking that box, would keep the analysis from being displayed in the AMT.

It comes down to Who is the audience for the Analysis and Conclusion work that was done in Evidentia.

Here is a summary of what I have tried to describe:

This shows where the Analysis and Conclusions, done in Evidentia, appear in a Person Report, a Source Report, and in the Ancestry Member Tree, and what workspace and tab the data will appear.

If you use Evidentia, and I AM using it, WE each need to evaluate where the Analysis and Conclusions appear within the Program, How or IF we want that work to appear when generating reports from within Family Tree Maker, and how it is presented in an Ancestry Member Tree.

I have not found one solution that works everywhere. If I exclude the impact on an Ancestry Member Tree, I know which one I am going to use in my working file, but will see if there is another solution for the AMT.


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