Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How do I merge duplicate source citations ?

My answer to a Facebook Question about "How to Merge Duplicate source citations ?"

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  1. I understand your video and I agree with your assessment. However, I have separate census citations for each member in the family. I think this is because of how my ancestry tree synched into FTM. How can I merge these citations so that each citation is linked to all family members versus just the one. Thank you!

  2. Bob,

    I have answered your question, twice now.


  3. Thank you Russ! I am new to the whole blogger thing. But I appreciate your answer! One more question... after I "household" my citations how will it be affected when I synch with ancestry?

    Thanks again. I just found your blog today and look forward to all of the helpful information!


    1. Bob,

      You have no control over what Ancestry does in your Ancestry Member Tree.

      Sync works very well, but Ancestry changes what we have done in Family Tree Maker.

      Bottom line, Don't worry about it.

      BUT, I do NOT recommend you downloading an Ancestry Member Tree into Family Tree Maker.

      Totally Rely on your Back Ups. I have a number of blog posts on Backing up



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