Tuesday, April 17, 2018

FTM2017 Keyboard Shortcuts

While working on my last blog post, I was reminded that FTM2017 (and most earlier versions of the program) have Keyboard Shortcut key strokes. There is only a mention of this, on page 10 of the FTM2017 Companion Guide.

I had blogged about it "way back when" in 2011

Family Tree Maker Short-Cuts

I have that list, but really only use a couple of them. I may mention them shortly. BUT, the Frequently Asked Questions page, on the Family Tree Maker Website have an article that you might be interested in:

Keyboard Shortcuts in FTM 2017 for Windows

For the most part, normal Windows Shortcut Keystrokes are what I use.

  • F1 = Help (a must)
  • CTRL+A = Select All
  • CTRL+C = Copy
  • CTRL+V = Paste
  • CTRL+X = Cut
  • CTRL+Z = Undo
It's a matter of choice and what I am doing. For the most part, that other shortcuts are a mouse click away.

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