Saturday, May 5, 2018

User Question: List of Shared List of Ancestors

Here is another Reader's Question:
Making a List of Shared Ancestors of a Couple
A blog post on making a list of Shared Ancestors of a Couple ??  Sorry, I don't understand what this might be about. Nor what problem is trying to be resolved.

The closed I can come to is when a couple have multiple relationships between each other is by looking at the Relationship Calculator in the Tools Menu.

Selecting Relationship Calculator you will be given two people to calculate the relationship between

This is a husband and wife. (not showing entire screen for privacy reasons). The KEY here is the Relationship (3). Husband and wife, is one, but there are two other relationships that they have.

Viewing the Relationship Chart (bottom of that window), selecting each of the 3 relationships, you will see the list of Ancestors, back to the Shared, COMMON Ancestor(s).

In the example of the Husband and Wife, being related 3 times, which they are, they Share NO (zero) Common relatives according to the Relationship Calculator.

Reviewing the charts, you can see how they are related. One of the relationships is "6th cousin 2x removed of wife of 7th cousin, 1x removed".

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