Friday, May 4, 2018

User Question: Work Around for Sync Issues

Hers is the Question:

Work Arounds for FTM 2107 et al Regarding sync issues with Ancestry
No Work Arounds. However, with FTM2017 (1480),the current, up to date version, you can keep your eye on the FamilySync Status in the upper right corner of ALL Workspaces

Right at this moment, it is Amber. 10 minutes ago, it was Green. I only use the FamilySync feature when it is GREEN.

You can also see this in the Plan Workspace, Left Panel, mid way down the screen.

and in the upper right of the same Workspace

Check the status on the FamilyTreeMaker Support Website

Or get into a LiveChat with FamilyTreeMaker Support
But read:

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