Saturday, September 21, 2019

Reader Question: What is included in the FamilySync

From a reader:
Does syncing your tree include information in the Media and Tasks tabs?
Not everything that is in your Family Tree Maker File, that you see and enter, is included in the Sync Process.

The Names, Dates, Places, Citations, and Media files are all included in the Sync Process.

There are some Media files that are NOT included when you Sync. Any Media File that you mark as Private and those Media files that come from Ancestry. For example, I have Marked this Media file as Private. I do not what this image to be in my Ancestry Member Tree.

Any FACTs that are marked Private, will also not be included in FamilySync. For example, I do not want the Address Facts that I have in my database, in my Ancestry Member Tree. So, I mark them Private.

I have Person Notes, that I am not ready to have in the Ancestry Member Tree, so I mark those notes as Private.

Research Notes / Logs, by default are marked Private and will not be put online. and the Task / To Do list are also not put online during the FamilySync Process.

Here is a link to other FamilySync articles on this blog and links to the Family Tree Maker Knowledge Base website.

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