Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FTM2009 - Patch about ready

Please visit the Ancestry.Com Blog for Family Tree Maker Version 2009. The article provides more details about the upcoming patch.


  1. Hi there
    My old laptop died on me containing all my family tree. i use FTM 2005 and my new laptop is windows7. is there a way for me to view my tree as i have installed the original disc but when i click my family dosnt appear.. do i maybe need a patch or something? also would you happen to know what the code would be i need to look for to find all my tree as i managed to rescue my hard drive and have it on a removable one but there are so many ftm codes i have no idea which to click.. so confusing xx

  2. Tracey,

    Did you install Version 2005 on your New PC, it sounds like you have?

    Are you running Family Tree Maker As Administrator? (Windows feature)

    Is your Family File on your New PC?

    When you installed Version 2005, did you click on File, Open, and select your Family File?

    Please provide some details.

    Is your new PC a 32 bit or 64 bit PC?


  3. Hi Russ
    Thanks for the reply.Yes i've downloaded the 2005 disc to my new pc
    I'm not sure about the administrator bit, but there's only me who uses my laptop.
    I presume my family file is on my computer as i took off everything that was on my old laptop and put it on a removeable harddrive, but there are that many code names on the ftm file i have, i'm unsure which is my family file. sorry to be so thick x
    When i installed the disc there was a button that said something about putting my old file on so i clicked that, thinking it would magically appear, i'm so silly.
    My pc is a 32 bit

    thanks for this Russ x
    Tracey http://wardillsofyorkshireandbeyond.blogspot.com/

  4. Tracey,

    The Run As Administrator is a Windows feature. Right Click on the Family Tree Maker ICON, select Properties, then put a check mark in Run As Administrator.

    The Filename for your Family File would be the one you used on your Old PC.

    The filename would have a 3 Character file extension of FTW.

    You can use the Search feature in Windows to find all files that have a FTW file extension, but entering


    it the search for box, in the Search Window. That should return all Family Files on your PC.


  5. I've clicked the run amin and ok'd
    searched the *.ftw but nothing there.. should i maybe uninstall the disc and try again and click something else when it asks me as i think i may have clicked the wrong thing?
    Tracey x

  6. Tracey,

    Do not uninstall anything.

    Did you search ALL files and folders on your C drive?

    The *.ftw should list every Family File on your PC, that was created by Family Tree Maker Version 16 and earlier.

    How did you get your Family Files from the old computer to the new computer?


  7. i've searched again without the . you typed before the ftw... a few pop up
    ftw exe. manifest
    then 7 with dll at the end
    then backup and numbers after it.
    I am sorry to be a nuisance and i appreciate your help Russ xx

  8. forgot to add. i got my old files from my old laptop by having my harddrive put into a removable hardrive case thing. x

  9. Tracey,

    No, you need to search for

    * period f t w


    that means, any character or series of characters, period, and the FTW file extension.

    Your 2nd message tells me why your couldn't find the files using the command I was suggesting.

    So, please add the Drive Letter before the *.ftw


    Change the X for your drive letter for the other drive.


  10. Still nothing shows.. is it maybe because i'm on windows 7?
    i uninstalled the family tree disc and re installed it just now, as i remember it saying something at the beginning . i had a choice of "creating a new file" or "using one i already had"..
    earlier in the week i clicked the latter one and nothing showed.. today i clicked the "create new file" and now i at least have the actual columns and ability to add people.
    just the problem now of finding my 20+ years of research :(

  11. Tracey,

    You might want to use Windows Explorer, and look at ALL of the files on that External Drive, just in case you aren't searching all files and folders on that External Drive.

    Do you have any Back Up's that you would have manually created, using the File, Back Up command?


  12. Tracy,

    Sorry, I don't know what you mean by "can you not print this comment" Not sure what that means.

    Are any of the files, have FTW is the file extension?

    Please go to this website:


    Enter 1719 into the Keyword Search box and read that Article.

    This will help you with the File Extensions. At the end of the article is another link IF you can not see the File Extensions.

    Again, Version 16 uses .FTW is the file extension.

    I am not sure what you are saying about jargon. I try very hard NOT to use Jargon. I try to use plain english (at least the USA version of english)

    Hope that helps.


  13. please delete the last post by me I DO NOT WANT MY EMAIL ON THE NET!! THATS WHAT I MEANT.

    thank you i'll go and look but please delete my EMAIL ADDRESS

  14. Tracey,

    Thank you. I have deleted that comment.



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