Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Re-Order Spouses

When you have multiple marriages, Family Tree Maker version 2009 ( has a feature to allow the user to re-sort the order of Marriages.

Figure 91

You will notice that Helen Hammond was the first spouse. However, for descendant reports, Comfort Hammond (yes, they were sisters) is the Preferred Spouse. Comfort is marked as Preferred, but is listed first.

Select one of the spouses, in this case, Helen was selected and RIGHT CLICK on that line.

Figure 92

Select Set Spouse Order. The next window will appear.

Figure 93

Click on the Up Arrow to move Helen above Comfort and click OK.

Figure 94

The order is in Marriage Order, but has the second spouse as Preferred.

This is is especially helpful is the Marriage Dates are Unknown, but the Marriage Order IS know.

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