Saturday, February 7, 2009

Descendant Chart - Page Breaks

One topic that comes up, from time to time, is the ability to print Descendant Charts. They generally are long (wide) when they are to be printed. There are at least two ways to print this type of chart. One is to print individual pages then tape them together. The second is to print the Chart on "Banner Paper" or Continuous Form paper. Version 2009 has the capability to do both.

The first step is to select the Individual that is the focus of the Chart.

Figure 78

Then click on Pubish, where all of the Reports and Charts can be found. Will select Descendant Chart

Figure 80

There are other options in the creation of a Descendant Chart that will be covered elsewhere, but details will be provided in a link to a Knowledge Base Article at the end of this post. The purpose of this Blog entry is for dealing with page breaks.

It's important to look at the Check Marks in the red box on the Right. No Check Mark in the Boxes overlap Page Breaks. You can visually see the changes. The Figure below would be used if you are going to tape the pages together.

Figure 81

Another way to control this, is by using the Advanced Button to the Right of the Layout Poster field, under the Chart Title. This figure is the Default with Page Overlap. The screen gives you an idea of what the pages will look like.

Figure 82

Clicking on the No Page Overlap is seen below. This would be used for Banner Paper. To return to the previous view, click on the Reset Button.

Figure 83

Note where the page breaks are.

Details on how to change the Formatting of a Chart in Family Tree Maker 2009 can be found here:

of by going to this website:

Enter 4303 into the Keyword Search box and read that Article.

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