Monday, April 20, 2009

How to Enter an Intra Familial Marriage - Part 4

Continued from How to Enter an Intra Familial Marriage - Part 3

A look at the Outline Descandant Report from Samuel Osbun, seen in Figure 114, will show the two relationships that this Intra Famial Marriage created. The two individuals are listed, with their spouse, under their Parents. Note the order of the names.

Under Fred and Nancy (Osbun) Pittenger is Nathaniel Pittenger and Elizabeth Osbun
Under Isaac Osbun and Eileen Gilbert is Elizabeth Oshun and Nathaniel Pittenger

The Child is listed first, then the Spouse with a "+" sign in front of the name.

Figure 126

Returning to the People, Family View and the Index, those "duplicated" names in Figure 126 does NOT appear in the Index. Each Individual is listed once in the index but multiple times in the Outline Descendant Report.

Figure 127

There is a Nathaniel Pettenger Jr listed, as he was the child of this marriage. Nathaniel was added the same way as in Figure 116 of How to Enter an Intra Familial Marriage - Part 1.
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More information on how to handle Relationships can be found on the Family Tree Maker Knowledge Base website. Go to this website: Enter 4202 into the Keyword Search box and read that Article.

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