Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Tree Maker 2010 - Download from Ancestry.com

In an earlier post:

Family Tree Maker Version 2010 at Ancestry.com

the features that are to be in Version 2010 were listed.

A follow up was posted here:

What's New in Family Tree Maker 2010

As mentioned, there was a demo of Version 2010. From my notes, some observations of the new features will be posted here. There will be follow up posts when the software is received.

What’s New?

* Easy family tree download from Ancestry.com – Import your Ancestry.com family tree, along with attached photos.

From a previous message, another Blogger, Randy Seaver from the Genea-Musings Blog posted this:

Genea-Musings: Family Tree Maker 2010 software - what? when?

To understand a little more about this feature a review of Version 2009 might be helpful.

There is the ability to Publish the information that is on the PC, in Family Tree Maker Version 2009 and Publish it to a a Member Family Tree at Ancestry.com. That capability is posted here:

Publish - Upload to Ancestry.com

Put, what if the Member Family Tree is where your information has been researched and recorded on Ancestry.com and now you want to have that information in the Family Tree Maker program on your PC.

That capability is posted here:

Plan - New File - Download from Ancestry.com

There has been some discussion about the Synchronization of the data between the PC and the Member Family Tree. The short coming of the Download process, mentioned above, is that the information from Ancestry.com is in the form of a GEDCOM file. That means that media items (images, PDF files) are not included. This has also been discussed.

Family Tree Maker 2010 <=> Ancestry Member Tree Synchronization

So, from the Demo at the Convention showed that this new capability in Version 2010 will now INCLUDE the images and other media in the Member Family Tree in the download. As this demo was done pretty quickly, the details on the screen changes are not available, but the download did include those images.

From what this participant saw in the demo, what will be in Version 2010 will NOT be a complete full synchronization of the same file in two places. But it does allow for updates to the files in two places be shared to both locations. (PC or on Ancestry.com). The full feature, from the Q&A (Questions and Answer session), is understood by the development team. This clearly, for this user, another step in the right direction.

Please note: these comments are made from the observation of the Demo and the notes that were taken during the presentation. Follow up posts will be made on this feature when the program is made available..

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