Monday, August 24, 2009

Multiple Marriages and Remarriage

How do you enter Multiple Marriages, where the first (or other) spouse was remarried.

Please note that this example is where there was a marriage. However, other FACTs can be selected to clarify the type of Relationship the two individuals had.

Peggy Marriage was married 3 times. See the number next to the spouse ICON.

Figure 223

Going to the People Workspace, Person Tab, FACTs page, the three marriages are listed. The Date of the Marriage and the fact that, in this example, the marriages ended in Divorce (with dates). They are listed in the Shared FACTs for each relationship.

Figure 224

To add a new Marriage to the First Spouse, click on the Green Plus sign and a New FACT screen will appear, where Marriage is selected. Note that the cursor is on the First Spouse (Select Spouse)

Figure 225

The date of the new marriage was added and marked as Preferred.

Figure 226

What will this look like in a Genealogy Report (Collection Tab), Register Report (Detail Tab), in the Publish Workspace?

By default, the Preferred only FACTs are selected. The three marriages are reported, BUT the first marriage is not. Removing the Check Mark, in the Items to Include ICON, will resolve this.

Figure 227

The result shows the complete set of relationships and the fact that there was a child from the first relationship.

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