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One of the Publish Work Space options, is the ability to Upload a Family File from Family Tree Maker version 2009 (Product Version to a Personal Family Tree on This is one way to Share your research. The options on what you can publish will be described in this Blog.

On the Publish Work Space is a Share ICON (1) on the Right side of that work space. One of the options is Upload to

Figure 196

This will bring up a screen that will provide the Options of WHAT and the Individuals you want to include in the Online Tree.

The options are:

  • Privatize Living Individuals
  • Include Private Facts
  • Include Private Notes
  • Include Media Files
For this example, the Entire file will be uploaded, there are no living Individuals in the file. Check marks for Including Private Facts and Notes were removed but the Check Mark for the Media Files remained. The click OK.

Figure 197

When OK is clicked, a Progress window will open showing what is being uploaded. On the screen shot below, it was 25% uploaded. That green bar will move back and forth as the upload is taking place.

Figure 198

When this is completed, your Browser will open on Below will not provide the details of what is on the website, only how to use Family Tree Maker while making your Family File available online.

  1. Tree Name - enter information to help you and others to identify what information in the Tree. For this example, the Name of the focus person and his Birth and Date Year was entered
  2. Allow others to see my tree as a public member tree? There is a link to explain "What does this mean". It is suggested that you read that.
  3. Description - Enter additional information that might be helpful to you or others
  4. I accept the submission agreement? Again, it is strongly recommended that this is read
  5. Other online Options - The user should take some time to determine what Online Tree Options that might be useful for Sharing and doing additional research.
Clicking Upload will complete this part of the process.

Figure 199

At the conclusion of the upload, the browser window will show that the upload was successful.

Figure 200

Like the Family Tree Maker (version 2009), you are asked to identify the Home Person for this online tree.

Figure 201

You will then be able to view and manage your Family Tree.

Figure 202

Some helpful Knowledge Base Articles for the Personal Member Tree:

Using Personal Member Trees on Ancestry

Manage a Personal Member Tree

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