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Version 2010 - Errors on GEDCOM Import

Family Tree Maker
Version 2010
Error Message on GEDCOM Import

One of the options to create a New Tree is Importing a GEDCOM file. That GEDCOM file may be from another program or a download from a Member Family Tree.

See:Plan - New File - Download from

If, during the importing of a GEDCOM file, errors are encountered, the final screen of the import process will provide a Error Log file.

New in Version 2010:

Clicking on the Error Log button on that screen, information will be provided on the errors. Such as:


  File:        C:\[user account information]\Family Tree Maker\Family Tree 11-09.ged
  Created by: Family Trees (2009)


  Line 12 : error InvalidDate: Unrecognized date for the Residence fact: 2006-present
  Line 227: error 4  : Invalid tag: MARR. Line ignored.
  Line 11145: error InvalidDate: Unrecognized date for the Education fact: abt 1895-1910?
  Line 13282: error InvalidDate: Unrecognized date for the Adoption fact: 1970?

This information may not be of much help. With Version 2010, this information is not placed on the To Do / Task list.

The Error messages are briefly described, who the error was associated and that it was an Import Error. Clicking on the line will take you to the individual involved for resolution.

Looking at the error messages, there is an indication of a number of the Facts that there is a "?" in the date field, or the word "or" was in the date field.

The Error Log can be opened with most word processors, including Notepad.exe and is filed in: C:\[user account information]\Family Tree Maker.

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  1. It troubles me when there is a GEDCOM standard and FTM doesn't follow those standards. is forcing us users to correct all of these "errors" when importing or merging. If Ancestry followed the standard like all other VARs should do importing and merging gedcoms received from other family members would be a painless and more important correct process.

  2. Marc,

    Family Tree Maker does follow the standards as well as any other Genealogy program that uses GEDCOM file formats.

    All I was pointing out, is IF there ARE errors in a GEDCOM file, they will appear in the ToDo list.

    Thank you,


  3. I was using legacy family tree maker with no problems but decided to go with FTM2010...well I'm hoping after a little while I won't feel so lost with this program, but back onto the topic, I wish I didn't have to fix the 1499 errors I got when I imported my ancestry tree from online to mistake, I simply put dates as "th" "rd" and "nd" all orignally from my legacy tree.
    I'm now trying to find something that tells me I can ignore the errors and get them put back in my tree the way they were.

  4. Anonymous -- First, I am sorry that you didn't sign your comment, so that I can answer your comment by name. That way I know who I am trying to help.

    Where was the file, where you were able to enter a date with "th", "rd", etc? Weren't there error messages there?

    Does Legacy allow for such dates?

    Did you generate a GEDCOM file from Legacy and open that in Family Tree Maker?

    In the long run, trying to ignore that date entry issue, you may not be happy with any results in Charts or Trees.

    If you did use the GEDCOM format, you might find a way to do a Global Find and Replace to edit the GEDCOM before opening it in Family Tree Maker. You may also have to Save that Edited file as a plain text file, with the GED file extension.


  5. I am looking to buy Family Tree Maker 2010 for my husband, but I can't tell if I need the Deluxe or Platinum edition, or if the standard version is sufficient. Since I don't do this stuff much, I'm not sure if the 'extras' in the other editions are something that would be useful or not.

  6. Brad,

    There is only ONE Version of the program. Look at the "subscription" or other "stuff" that comes with the program. Also, I would suggest, not 2010, as it is not 'old' but Version 2011. Again, you will probably see the other "stuff" that make up the Deluxe / Platinum bundle.

    Hope that helps,



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