Thursday, November 26, 2009

FTM2010 - Workspaces

Family Tree Maker Version 2010

Many of us have been using Family Tree Maker Version 2010 for a while now. The purpose of the next series of Blog posts will be to cover the various Workspaces, what is included in these workspaces and options that are found there.

Below is the top part of the screen in Family Tree Maker. These items are on each page as you navigate through the program.

#1 below is the very top bar of the Family Tree Maker program. Two pieces of information are there. The Filename, in this case "Blog", and the Version of Family Tree Maker that is being used. "Blog - Family Tree Maker 2010" in this case.

#2 is showing the seven (7) Workspaces that will be described later on. There is the Plan workspace, People workspace, Places, Resources, Publish, and Web Search. The Active workspace, or where you are at the moment, is in orange. In this case Plan. The Web Search button is a lighter orange, was this computer is online.

#3 is showing two Tabs. Each Workspace will have Tabs and will be discussed later. In this case, New Tree and Current Tree at the two tabs

#4 is the another level of menu for specific tasks. The Help menu is on the Left end of that list of menu selections.

Each Workspace Button can be accesses throughout the program and will be discussed in the near future. Since many of these options have been covered, the focus of future blog posts will focus on the New or Changes that have been made in 2010.
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