Friday, November 27, 2009

Version 2010 - Plan Workspace

Family Tree Maker
Version 2010
Plan Workspace
New Tree Tab

This is the initial screen that you see when you open the Family Tree Maker program for the first time. This is the control center where you manage your family trees. The Plan Workspace is divided into two tabs:
  • New Tree
  • Current Tree

In an earlier post:

Family Tree Maker 2009 - Plan Screen

This screen was discussed for Version 2009. #1 is the Plan Workspace Button. The New Tree Tab is #2 and #3 indicates the files that have been open. Not much changes here. 

 #4, Web Dashboard, has changed. In version 2009 it "indicates that I am logged into various online offerings at The Generations Network. There is a link to Log Off of these websites, if I so choose". 

New with Version 2010, the Web Dashboard gives you quick access to your subscription; you can log in to your account, view your subscription expiration date, and display the Ancestry trees you have created and posted on the Member Family Tree. The Web Dashboard will only be active when your computer is connected to the Internet.

There is are options on what is displayed in this part of the window.

Web Dashboard Options:
  • Show my Ancestry subscription information
  • Show my Ancestry trees
  • Show content feeds
  • Show web links section
  • Automatically update dashboard

Each has an option to expand the content of the feeds section or not expanded. The Dashboard update intervals can also be set.

The window on this screen capture has each option Expanded.

Beside the Dashboard options menu, each section can be expanded by clicking on the double up-arrow on the right end of the Option line, of compacted with the double down-arrow,

I have found that the Twitter Feed is important, as it will reflect, for example, that Scheduled Site Maintenance Tonight, Tuesday Nov. 18 posted on 3:34 PM Nov 18.

All of the Plan Workspace posts can be reviewed by clicking here:

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