Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Identify Civil War era members of your tree (revised)

As a follow up to: How to identify Civil War Family Members posted earlier today, it appears that the final step (Birth record Blank) did not remove everyone without a Birth Date by using that Filter. 

After reading a comment in that post, I re-ran the final filter with a much better set of results. I will include the text from that earlier message here.

The first screen is in the People Workspace, Family View, with the Index in the Left Hand Panel. In this file, I have 8,252 people. At the Bottom of that screen is the FILTER feature.


Clicking on Filter, will bring up a window where we will start to Filter people who meet our parameters. The first thing we need to do, is to click on Include All >>. This will move those 8,252 people from the Left Window to the Right Window. This is like Selecting ALL or everyone.


Notice the same number is in both sides of the window. Now we want to < Filter OUT certain groups of people. In this case, we will Filter Out all Females. So, select Sex from the list of Facts, then Equals, and select Female and click OK.


We have a new number (4,343) (see below). Our next Filter will be to < Filter OUT everyone who was born BEFORE 1818, in this example. Selecting the Birth Fact, "is before", and entering 1818. (you can use any date you wish).


Again, we have a new number (3,101) (see below). Next, < Filter OUT everyone who was born AFTER 1846. Again select the Birth Fact, "is after", and enter 1846.

Down to 2,491. Will now < Filter OUT anyone who Died Before 1861. Selecting the Death Fact, "is before" 1861 will do this.


Here is where the change is. In the < Filter OUT window, select the Birth Fact, but this time select "Any Date", just below the Birth Fact, and select Does Not Exist.


We now have reduced our list from 8,252, down to 197.


Looking at the results again, there are still some names without Birth Dates in the list. BUT each of those people have a Birth Place. Go back to the < Filter OUT, Select the Birth Fact, and in the menu just below the Birth Fact, select Place, then select "Is Not Blank". This action took my list down to 102.

The list of people with the Filter Applied, are Males, who were born between 1818 and 1846 and how have not died, but have Birth Date information. A good place to start to look for your Civil Wars family members.

Note: Will have to do some more investigation into why the last filter in the previous blog post didn't work as expected.

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