Friday, July 22, 2011

People Workspace - How To Resize Panels

How to change the size of the Panels in the People Workspace.

Here is the normal view of the People Workspace. The LH (Left Hand) Panel is the Index, or list of people in your file.

In the Center Panel, at the top, is the Pedigree View of your tree, based on the selected person. Below that, is the Family View, listing Parents and Children. The RH (Right Hand) Panel, is selected (user selected fact from the Custom View) information about the hilighted or selected person.

The Index and the Family View parts of this screen can be reduced or removed. Each panel can be selected to drag (open or close) these two portions of the screen, or resize them.

Look at this next screen to see how to Hide these two panels.

You will notice a Left Pointing arrow at the Top of the Index Panel, and a down pointing arrow above the Family View.

Clicking on either of these arrows will Hide that part of the screen.

See the Index (LH) Panel being closed.

And the Family View Closed.

Those same two arrows will allow you to restore the LH Panel or the Family View back to the original configuration.

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