Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Use of Filter - update

Here is an update based on the previous two messages:

How to identify Civil War Family Members

How to Identify Civil War era members of your tree (revised)

I wanted to understand what was going on a little what the difference was.

Created a test file with three (3) names. no other information. Using the same steps in the previous blog posts, the use of the Birth fact, "is blank" did not remove anyone.

I then added a birth place to one of the three. Same result, no one filtered out.

To make sure I wasn't missing anything, I filtered out Birth Place is not blank, and the person I had the birth place was filtered out.

Then, Birth Date is Blank, filtered out the same person. So far, it appears that this "logic" works when there is a Birth Fact in use for the person.

Going back to the see how to Filter Out anyone not using the Birth Fact, can be filtered out by using the Birth fact, Any Data, Does Not Exist will Filter Out that condition. Meaning not using the Birth Fact.

The observation from all of this is that the fact must be used to be Filtered Out. Or, If the fact isn't in use, then the conditions in the Filter will not evaluate the conditions in the Filter

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