Friday, February 26, 2016

FTM2014 - WebMerge Feature Update with Ancestry

I haven't seen this before, but have blogged about it. That is, a Census Record where the household is over two pages on that record. Before, you had to manually download and attach that 2nd image.

Yes, I will do a view of this in the very near future, but wanted to get the word out.

I did a Web Merge for a Household on page 1B, lines 97 to 100. But the Web Merge process included two more names. The Transcript show that full household as it should.

That is 6 people on 4 lines, but I was merging 6 people so I knew I would have to download that 2nd image, as in the past.

When I did my normal clean up after a Web Merge, I found the proper citation in the Sources Workspace, for that 1920 Source Group.

The correct, for Ancestry, citation AND the 2nd page of that census record was merged.

Thank you Ancestry and Family Tree Maker for fixing that problem.

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