Friday, February 19, 2016

Relative Race, new genealogy-based competitive reality show, premiering on Feb. 28

I received this from, requesting that I share it on my blog.

We are working with a brand new TV show, an original family history-based competition reality show titled Relative Race, that has been described as Amazing Race meets Who Do You Think You Are.

Premiering on Sunday, February 28 at 8pm ET/6pm MT/5pm PT on BYUtvRelative Race features four married couples as they travel across the US in search of long lost relatives, armed with only paper maps, a rental car, a $25 per diem and a flip phone. Using the science and technology provided by AncestryDNA, the couples embark on a journey that starts in San Francisco, ends in New York City and leads them to unknown relatives along the way. Cameras follow all four teams as they drive across the country -more than 4500 miles- in just ten days, stopping each day to complete a challenge and find (and stay with) their newly discovered relatives in a different city. At the end of each day, the team that finishes last receives a strike; after three strikes, teams are eliminated and the remaining teams travel to NYC for the grand finale where there is a $25k grand prize for the winning couple.

As you know, genealogy is a real hot button topic right now. Perhaps your audience would find this series to be both timely and entertaining.

The host, and EP of the show, Dan J. Debenham, as well as one of the couples, are available for interviews. They will be able to talk about some of the research that the show did prior to production about the genealogy and DNA testing, as well as some of the experiences that the couples had during their journeys. In each city, they are meeting complete strangers (and staying in their homes) that are related to them in some way. There are a couple of really emotional moments that happen along the way, especially with The Browns, an interracial couple with a 20 year age difference who also happen to be quite an interesting pair. (Here is their audition tape to give you an idea.)

Attached is some background information on the series; here is a link to the Relative Race website and a screener: (Password: "relative"). 
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