Friday, February 5, 2016

Initial Observations of the new home for Family Tree Maker

Another home for Family Tree Maker.

As a long time user of Family Tree Maker, I need a genealogy program to track where this program has been over those years. My initial reaction is that of excitement. Remembering that I am not at home but at RootsTech 2016, I did think that I would give a brief, few comments about the new company.

First, look at the website for MacKiev

The fact that our program is front and center on the Website. I am not seeing the focus on selling me a subscription to That wasn't an issue for me in the past because I had Ancestry and Family Tree Maker, so I wasn't looking to "buy something".

Having said that, as a retired person with many years of customer support in the telecommunications industry, I have an understanding and concern about US, the user.

What I am expected here, is that the folks we may be contacting for help and support, will have people who KNOW the program. Not that's customer support weren't very helpful with the problems that we might have, but they may not be as experienced in how the Program Worked. The good new now is that they will know the Program.

Now, and only time will tell, I am not expecting that they will know how to do genealogy. I am sure that while developing Family Tree Maker for the Mac, they learned some skills on how we do our research. So, I am not going to them to help me do my research, but how the software works.

The second piece of their website that caught my attention is that they ARE AT #RootsTech2016. Why would they be here, the DAY AFTER the announcement they are here meeting their new users / customers. Where else could you find out about how their users use the program, but to be here where there will be thousands of genealogists.

I AM EXCITED would the future of the Family Tree Maker program.

One User's opinion.

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