Wednesday, October 9, 2019

FTM2019 - People Workspace - FamilySearch 2.0 - Match Profile

In FTM2017 we have been receiving hints from FamilySearch. With FTM2019 that has been enriched. In a previous video I demonstrated how to Download from FamilySearch Family Tree and a second post, what you might consider to clean up after that Download.

In this video, I will show you FamilySearch 2.0 but in the People Workspace and what the Change is, in the People Workspace, specifically on how I am using this new "Match" feature.

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  1. Great information videos for FTM2019. Looking forward to working with it when it arrives. Thank you.

    1. June,

      I think you will enjoy it.

      Thank you,


  2. I really enjoyed you "FTM2019 People Workspace FamilySearch" video
    and was quite intrigued with your "End of Line" filter. I have not done any filters before and would love to know how to do them. Would you consider doing a video showing how to do an "End of Line' filter or any custom filter. I hope its ok to ask that question here.

  3. Unknown,

    I showed the filter feature in this video

    I already have a number of Blog posts already.

    Upper left is a search box, search for filter. Down the left side, scroll down and you will find another link to the filter blog posts

    Hope that helps


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