Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Reader Question: How to Compare "Trees"

A Question from a reader:
Updating an FTM Tree with updates made to a separate FTM Tree. I started my FTM tree from a GEDCOM file of family member but have not kept the tree up to date. I now want to update my tree with additions my family member made to their tree but do not want to replace my tree since I have added a lot of data. Other than comparing trees person by person and adding the additions manually is there a way to compare the tree and select the items to be added (e.g., merge only the additions).
First, let me clarify something. A TREE is Online a FILE is on our computer.

So, I am guessing that you are asking about Comparing TWO or more Family Tree Maker FILES. So, rephrasing your question:

Is there a way to Compare two FTM FILES in Family Tree Maker (version doesn't matter in this case).

Short answer is NO. BUT

You can have two FILES open at the Same Time, as we have a File, Open in New Window option. Yes, it's all manual.

I just did a project like this myself, and I created both FILES. It took a month to clean up the Merge. I didn't even have to compare the two files, I knew I wanted the two files combined

"Merge only the Additions" would really mean Merge, ONE Profile at a time OR you can create a List in FTM2019 and merge the List from the "other file" into your Master file.

I will be postings how to do that in the future.

From what you have described, I would manually enter the data from the "other file" into my Master File, Citations and all. I am very picky in how I enter my data.

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