Thursday, October 10, 2019

FTM2019 - People Workspace - FamilySearch 2.0 - My Implementation

After looking into how I might use this new feature, I determined that I would review the FamilySearch Family Tree profiles, and do a Match, where appropriate.

In my database, I have identified each of my Direct Line Ancestors, End of Line. I have an End of Line Fact (marked Private) that I can Filter on and I have an Image that is an End of Line Ancestor's profile picture.

In reviewing the FamilySearch Hints, I chose only to Match those profiles where only ONE Hint was presented. As I recorded this video, I talk though this process.

It works for me. I already of about 15 Historical Record Hints from FamilySearch and can do a Web Merge for those historical records, as I have time.

Clearly  these Historical Records hints will be helpful.

A new "Cousin Bait" feature for me.
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  1. Thank you again for providing information on how to streamline our research process. Love the End of Line Fact.


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