Wednesday, November 27, 2019

And a Citation to the rescue !!!

And a Citation to the rescue !!!
In Family Tree Maker, when you do a Web Merge (probably the Real Reason, I rely on that feature. When you do that, you get a Web Address for the Record. But there is also a "View Source Online"

I went to one of the Fact, so that I could click on the Globe on the Right, to look at the Record, from the Sources Workspace. JAW Dropped, not globe, no link.

I then went to the Source Workspace to see what was going one. There was a link in the Citation just above I was looking at and there was a Link, so I clicked on it. Something is wrong. It looked like I have not merged every one.
But, half of the family was on one of the citations and the other have on the 2nd one. Then I looked at the Citation.
Sheet 14A Lines 38 - 40 and Sheet 14B, Lines 41 - 43.
HeadSlap: The family was on two pages, so I was NOT missing a link after all.
Since what we see on the Record from Ancestry, it's one Link, and I use the Head of Household for ALL census record, Copy/Paste the Link in the 2nd Citation.

Citation to the Rescue

1940 U.S. census, population schedule, Delaware, New Castle County, Delaware City,S.D. No. 1, E.D. No. 243, Sheet No. 14B, lines 41 - 43, 312 Fifth Street, House Visited No. 35, Fouracre, R. Roger household; NARA microfilm publication T627, roll 546; digital image, Ancestry ( : accessed 11 November 2017).
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  1. Anyone else having problems with media attaching itself (yes, I do mean it did it without my help!) to sources since the 2019 update? I went to chat room. They had me delete and reinstall from back-up and that solved it for a day...then back to adding media at random.

    1. Unknown,


      What was the Media File Attached to ?

      What were you doing when you saw these attached media files ?



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