Saturday, November 9, 2019

No Ancestry Hints -- What's up with that ????

I created an Active filter, while working on a project. I was looking for Ancestry Hints for some specific profiles, as created in the Filter.

No Hints from Ancestry, but most had Hints that there are Profiles on FamilySearch for most of them. I like that option, because it tells me that my data may be correct. I have blogged about how I use the FamilySearch match feature before.

But WHY no Ancestry Hints.

I went to the Plan Workspace, because I thought this file was uploaded and sync'ed to Ancestry and that I have been working on my 5,000 hints from this file before.

No Connection ???

But, there is a link to the Ancestry Member Tree.

What is going on here ?

Then I looked in the upper Right Corner of the Plan Workspace to find the answer.

I was no longer looked it.

This is not a bug, this is not a problem, it was a change in the interface between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry.

Easy fix ... Log In.

AND I have the 2-Step Verification turned on. All part of helping keeping our information safe.
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  1. didn't work for me. I have FTM 2019 on two computers, both set the same, no leaves on one of them, on the computer that doesn't have leaves the top right box only has "upload to Ancestry, download from Ancestry, and Log out. The computer that has leaves The box has Sync now,Sync Options, unlink Tree, Show hints, View linked Ancestry Tree, and logout

    1. Ed,

      One problem, You an Upload and Link ONE FTM FILE to ONE Ancestry Member Tree.

      What you described is as it should be. The 2nd PC, without the Linked AMT will NOT have Hints, as it does not have the source of hings (the AMT)

      Bottom line, you can NOT work on the SAME File and AMT from two computers. One Computer FILE to ONE AMT.

      So, the 2nd computer, you would have to upload a sync to a NEW AMT

      (AMT - Ancestry Member Tree)



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