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Reader Question: Duplicate Facts

A Reader Question:

Is there a way to find duplicate facts on people without having to look at each individual person. As a example, I may have multiple Residence facts that occurred when I merged Census records at different times. I probably have multiple sources as well. If there was such a report, you could then go in to the specific person and delete the duplicates.
ANSWER: Short Answer is NO.

But, lets think about your example (Multiple Residence Facts):

I find many records that provide information for the Residence Fact. Mostly from Census Records, but City Directories, Newspaper Articles, Vital Records, Military Records provides us with information about where the person Resided at that specific time. That is NOT multiple residence Facts. They are Alternate Facts.

There are a couple of Census Records and Military Records in this list. I had to decide which is the Preferred Fact. I chose the 1940 Census Entry as preferred, because is got down to the City Level. I could have chosen the most recent entry, but that record provided the County Level.

I do know what you mean about seen a Preferred Fact and an Alternate Fact that have the SAME EXACT information, ALL fields. I suggest that you re-think just deleting the Duplicates. Consider the Merge Duplicate Fact feature. I have blogged about that before.

REASON: When you do a Web Merge, in FTM2019, you may not see all of the ALT Facts for a specific Fact, so you may end up with the Same Alt Fact. BUT, the Alt Fact you didn't see during the Web Merge will have a Citation and the one you did see, during the Web Merge has a Different Citation. Deleting that "duplicate" will also delete the Citation. Using the Merge Duplicate Fact feature, Right Clicking on the Fact Name, will merge the Facts and Citations, both of them (citations).

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  1. This might find what you want.
    Click each of tabs or titles as follows:
    Publish => Person Reports => Data Errors Report => Create Report
    Under the "Data Errors Report Options" click on the far left icon (errors to include).
    There is a list of errors that can be added or deleted from the report. The last one is "Possible duplicate event".
    I have used this to find duplicate residence events I have entered by merging a census record twice. It will also find duplicate events from different sources as Cousin Russ stated.

    1. Unknown,

      You really need to be very careful about "duplicate" events. If you have a Preferred Fact and several ALT Facts, you will delete those ALT Facts. I have discussed this in other Data Error Report Blog Posts. I make sure that the "Include only Preferred facts" is checked. Especially for the Residence Fact.



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