Monday, September 6, 2021

FTM2019 - Clean Up - No Documentation - Check Research Log

Not Documentation, check Research Log

I run an Undocumented Report frequently, to make sure All of my FACTS have citations. I will add a "No Documentation" Fact for those profiles that I need to find or create Citations. As long as I know, and can see that I need Citations, I know what I need to do.

During this Clean Up project, Specifically in the Research Log and Person Notes fields, I found a gold mine. 

Way back in 1997 I had merged a file from a Cousin, from his Family Tree Maker program into my file. I had made note of that, in the person notes (at the time), that simply gave me the Date, the Filename, and who sent it to me.

During this clean up of the Research Log, those notes ended up in the Research Log. So, as I was into a specific Surname list, in the log, I saw these entries. When I looked at the Profiles, and I moved the Notes to the Person Notes I saw that many of those Profiles and the No Documentation Fact.

Now I can Document those Facts.

In those "good old days", when a FTM file was Merged, Citations didn't go along with the merge, but at least I had made a notation what I did and when, so now I can go back and Document those Facts.

The whole Clean Up of my working File, is so worth the time and effort to clean up the file.
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  1. Thank you! I've never explored all the options in the Reports area, and didn't even know this one existed. Although I have sources in my notes, less than half of the facts in my database have attached citations. I've been wanting to fix this systematically, but wasn't sure how to go about it, until now. Better yet, since you can generated Undocumented Facts reports by descendant line, I can focus on the least-well-cited parts of my tree first. Thanks, Russ!

  2. cleaverkin,

    You might want to look at a series I did on the Genealogy Do-Over (for me, it's a Go-Over).

    Hint: One Profile at a Time


  3. UPDATE:

    One of the "Clean Up" items in the Research Log, is the DATE format.

    I started with MM/DD/YY which is a short cut. Then in about 2014, I changed to DD Mon YYYY, but wasn't consistent. Later in 2014 I change to:

    ## Month YYYY

    I want to spell things out.

    To date, I have reformatted over 1,000 Research Log Dates, using the Find and Replace Command.

    One thing I learned when I started, we Be Consistent. So, am fixing that as well. AND Really Liking the results


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