Wednesday, September 22, 2021

FTM2019 - Find A Grave Memorials - Review what you have

Focusing on Find A Grave is a real bonus, for me at least.

Spending time just on my Find A Grave and Burial information, I found an additional benefit.

Of the 246 Find A Grave Memorials, I added 6 new headstones to my database 3 new records, and 4 new portraits that I added to my database. I did this by relooking at those 246 Citations, clicking on the Link to the Find A Grave Memorial link, in my Citation screen, and founds those records. 

Besides those Memorials that have been removed or merged, I may have found a clue on how to find out where those memorials went. I do remember when this happened, because of my notes, it was when ownership of the Web Site changed to Ancestry. A number of contributors took the memorials down, that they had created.

After I complete my review of the Find A Grave Fact Notes, I will then use my Citation, where the memorial has been removed, and relocate the memorial. One of my clues, was when a Burial had the word "unknown" when I found them a number of years ago, but because I marked them as in my Memorial Number fact (Find A Grave #), I can filter on that and re-search for them OR to check to see if those profiles have a Find A Grave Index Hint.

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  1. When you create a custom fact in FTM (FindAGrave ID#), how does that custom fact transfer over to Ancestry after synching?

    1. Kaye,

      ALL Facts, not marked Private, as Sync'ed with Ancestry.


    2. Kaye,

      I should add that I mark the Find A Grave # (Memorial Number) as Private, so NOT Sync'ed. That is a number that I want to see. But, the Burial Fact would have a Citation to the Find A Grave memorial.



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