Sunday, September 19, 2021

FTM2019 - Marking Facts as Private

Had an email from a blog reader:

The email was not a question exactly, but it occurred to me, that there may be others that may be interested in some of the ins and outs of making a Fact Private.

Making an Existing Fact Private on data Entry:

The Edit, Manage Facts is a great feature, but there are some details of managing the facts that I want to provide some details on.

There are two choices to understand. Properties and Data Options.

The Properties option is about "going forward". This is where you can change the Sentence for the Fact in a Genealogy Report. Not addressing that here. The second is making a Fact Private by Default. Putting a Check Mark there, will only mark that FACT on New entries for that fact.

That does NOT mark existing Facts as Private. 

Making an Existing Fact Private Globally (only this specific file)

That is in the Data Options choice. A good feature here comes to play, BACK UP the file BEFORE it is executed.

Of course your option is YES.

The next window is where you select the Existing Fact that you want to globally mark as Private.

Select the Fact, Check ALL, and in the bottom field, Mark the selected facts as Private, selected with the pull down menu.

Also, if you want to Globally Mark a Private Fact to be Public, that is also a menu option in the pull down menu.

Impact on Custom Reports:

In the Publish Workspace, you may have existing reports or create new custom reports (Person Collection) where the Facts in that report, have Including or NOT Including Facts that are marked Private.

This choice is in the Items to Include (in that report).

This screen capture as for the Name Fact, but selecting each of the other Facts, and selecting "fact" Options, there is a check box that says "include private facts".

These are the steps I used is that last several "clean up" blog posts. 

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  1. When you mark a Media item as Private in FTM, what should happen during the Sync? I marked several Media items as Private and the Sync indicated it was going to be Deleted. Even though I had a backup, I cancelled the Sync as I wasn't sure this was normal.

    1. Kaye,

      That is how it works. FTM2019 is telling the AMT that the image has been Deleted (not to be uploaded and deleted in the AMT if it is already there.

      What you saw is "normal" or the Way it is supposed to work.


    2. Thanks for that information. So are you saying that the images marked as "Private" are completely deleted from Ancestry, so that even I won't be able to view them there?


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