Friday, October 28, 2011

FTM2012 - AMT Privacy Settings and Roles

Within Family Tree Maker version 2012, with TreeSync™, the user has control over who can see what, once the tree is in the Ancestry Member Tree.

From the Plan Workspace, SyncNow menu, the following screen will be presented.

The top choice is to make the tree Public or Private. From that screen:

Public Tree
Making your tree public benefits you and the community
  • When your trees are publicly viewable, it is easier to find relatives using the sites.
  • Members of sites can get in touch with you and help with your research. (This is done without showing your name or email address.)
All personal information is protected
  • Information about living people is automatically hidden from others and is NOT included in our search index.
  • You can change your mind and make your tree private anytime.
  • Only you can edit your tree unless you invite people to work with you.

This setting makes your tree "Private" so that it can't be viewed as a Public Member Tree. Note that the information from your tree will still be indexed for searching, but those who find your information can't view your tree without your permission.
What does this mean?
  • Even if you don't share your tree, other members can still learn if a specific deceased individual is in your tree, in addition to the birth year and birthplace of the person and your username (but no personal information about you).
  • They can then contact you anonymously through the Connection Service on sites to request more information. Keep in mind that members who want to learn from your tree may also have helpful information about your tree to offer you in exchange.

There is a check box that says:
Note: although your tree will instantly become public or private, it usually takes about a week or more to be reflected in the search index.
You can also invite people to your Ancestry Member Tree. There are three Roles that you can assign to them: Editor, Contributor, Guest. That role can able be adjusted:
  1. To adjust the role for someone you’ve invited, click the drop down menu and select the desired role.
    • Editor: Gives the invitee the ability to edit any person in your tree
    • Contributor: Contributors have the ability to upload photos or stories to your tree, but cannot make edits to the tree
    • Guest: Gives this person you've invited access to view your tree and leave comments

  2. You can also adjust if the person has rights to view living individuals in your tree by checking or un-checking the Can see living people box under Living information
    • considers a person to be living if the individual has no death information entered and is younger than 100 years old
    • This option cannot be adjusted for those invited as Editors

  3. Click Save changes to complete the adjustments
This can also be done in the Manage Tree on Ancestry.

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