Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Genea-Musing Blog for FTM2012

A blogging colleague has been identifying issues with the Exporting of a GEDCOM file in FTM2012. In his posting of October 17th Exploring Family Tree Maker 2012 - Post 7: More GEDCOM Trials I thought that I would try to duplicate his experience. To date I have not

This blog post will document for us, Randy and I, what I am doing as I go, so he can see the steps I am taking and he can, if he chooses can do the same thing. With hopes that one of us identify what is going on.

I had an Ancestry Member Tree (AMT) that DearMYRTLE, another Genea-Blogger, and I used in a Webinar on AMT's. It was already Online, and I had not used FTM2012 with that tree to date.

The first thing I did was to Invite Randy to be a Guest to this tree. Under Manage Tree, Share, this screen was brought up.

This screen capture was taken AFTER I did the download, but this screen, using the Gmail link in the left column, is how I invited him to this AMT. Permission Settings may be changed in the future for Randy.

Then in FTM2012, I selected this AMT to be downloaded and Linked.

This is the Plan Workspace, Download from Ancestry and Request Download was selected.

The Data from the Tree was downloaded and the Media files are now being downloaded as seen below. I will take NO action on this file until the Media Download is complete.

The download has completed and the More button was selected to see the statistics of this file can be seen. Key to note, the Number of People and the Number of Media files.

Here are the statistics from the AMT.

The Number of people is 142 in both places, which is good. However the Media number may not agree with the AMT summary. FTM2012 shows 28 Sources and 126 Media (154), while the AMT shows 87 Photos and 65 Records (152). I point this out, as I do not think that the AMT summary and the FTM2012 summary "count things the same way" and how media files are linked.

In FTM2012, a Media file can be linked to a Person or a Citation as a Media File. One Media file, linked to a Citation, may be used by any Fact that is linked to a Citation.

Looking at the Media Workspace, the 126 count is at the bottom of the screen. In this example, in the Media Workspace, you can see that some of the Media files may be linked to a Person, and others linked to Citations.

Taking one individual, you can see that 2 Media files are linked to the Person and 5 are linked to Citations. In this case, there are 5 Citations, (1st column on the Name Fact line) and 5 Media files (2nd column on the Name Fact Line). The Person Media Tab is selected on the Left, below the list of Facts, and the Media Tab is selected in the Right Column with the Name Fact selected.

What can't be seen in this view, is how often these 7 media files are used. In the above image, for example, the 2nd image on the right is used as indicated below. This is from the Media Workspace, selecting that Image, and selecting Details for that image.

That image is Linked to 4 Facts, for 3 different people.

In AMT, that same Media files shows up for Elsie May

This is to provide a hi-level view of this file with hope that it will help show how media files are used in FTM2012 and AMT.

In FTM2012, we'll Export this file to a GEDCOM file. From the File Menu, selecting Export, Selected Individuals, I will select ONE person, Hiram Edmund Deats, from the Left Panel, and click on Include > in the center and his name will now appear in the right panel.

After clicking on OK, the Export format window will appear.. We will select GEDCOM 5.5.

To further define the GEDCOM file format, Other, ANSI will be selected.

The GEDCOM file will then be created. This file can then be emailed to Randy.

For this blog, we will Open that GEDCOM file. What should happen, after I email this GEDCOM to Randy, along with a Zip file of the Images for this file, he should be able to open the GEDCOM, and Link the Media files and see what is shown below.

This is the import summary. 1 Person, 6 Media Files, 16 Sources.

No, the next image is the new files, Media Workspace. Keep in mind that these images are already on this computer, so they will be there. When Randy receives the GEDCOM file AND a Zip file of the Media Folder, he will then use the Find Missing Media feature in FTM2012 to link the media files that are indicated in the GEDCOM Links to media information.

This shows the 6 Media files. Going to the People Workspace, Person Tab, those 6 images can be seen, 2 in the Person Media, and 4 in the Facts Media Tab.

The GEDCOM file is created, with one person in it, now to get the Media files into a ZIP file to email to Randy. The 6 images were copied into the Media Folder for this FTM2012 file. Right clicking on the Folder Name ( <filename> Media) the option for the Zip application that I use, 7Up, has a link to put all of the files in this folder into one ZIP file to be attached to an email.


When this Blog is posted, I will send an email to Randy, with 1 person in that GEDCOM file and a Zip file with the images. He open the GEDCOM in FTM2012, and Unzip the media to the Media Folder for the filename he creates for this test.

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