Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are you ready for the 1940 Census - Follow Up

In my earlier Blog Post:  Are You Ready for the 1940 Census GeneaBlogger Randy Seaver made a comment on that Blog Post and he made his own Blog Post on this topic.

Making a List of Persons Alive in the 1940 US Census

He got me to think about 1840 vs 1940 as the Birth Year. So I did a little study. I wanted to see how many of my folks did I find in the earlier Census Records.

Records in my file: 8,315

Born After 1900: 562
Born After 1840: 1,299

Found in 1930 for 1840: 14
Found in 1930 for 1840: 26

Besides being aware that I am behind in my Census searches, I will adjust my Born After to 1840.

The good news is that I have testing of the Filter Out to see how I am doing when the 1940 Census Records are available.

With the list of people in the Right Window of Selected Individuals the Filter OUT sequence for me would be

Residence (Fact) Date Does Not Include 1940.

Note: I enter data from Census Record is entered in the Residence Fact, with the Census Year in the Year Field; the Place being the accepted Place Name Authority Name for the Location field, and more detailed information for the Household in the Description Field.

I should also mention that I do my research in Census Records for the Head of Household BUT record all Related members of the household that appear on that Census Record. Using this method, I can pull a report by household later on in Family Tree Maker.

Randy also brought up the Female Name for Census Records.

Here is my Plan.

Do my normal research, with my Direct Ancestors first, focusing on the Head of Household. Then word the Descendants of my 8 Great Grandparents, still working on the Head of Households. When I have that done that, I will re-evaluate the remaining list.

I have posted how I do a census search for females, which I will use.


A note of Thanks to Randy Seaver.
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