Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Family Tree Maker User Home Pages

RE: Family Tree Maker User Home Pages, for Version 16 and Earlier:

User Home Pages on were created over 10 years ago. We have tried to give our loyal customers the best possible experience, but after 10 years, technology changes and it’s not always possible for us to continue to support these older products. Most software companies discontinue support for their older technologies at some point, and unfortunately Home Pages have reached this point.

For more information about Family Tree Maker 2012 and TreeSync, please click here . We think you’ll find the experience even better than User Home pages and older versions of Family Tree Maker.
  • While User Home Pages had a limit of 2,000 people, trees made in Family Tree Maker 2012 and have no limit. You can even sync them together so changes made in one tree will automatically update to the other!
  • You can update your tree on the go using our free iPhone, iPad , and Android apps, and the changes will automatically update your tree on
  • If you want to collaborate, you can share your tree with other family members, and choose whether they can simply view it or allow them to update it.
We hope the following table will explain the benefits of your upgrade, and ease the transition into our latest technologies.

User Home Pages
Family Tree Maker 2012 synced with
Questions? These articles will help your transition!
Limited to 2,000 individuals
No limit to the number of individuals you can add
Ability to upload charts and reports
Attach charts and reports to people, and they will sync to
Available to search engines
Available to search engines if you choose to make your Ancestry tree public
Difficult to collaborate with others who have pertinent information on their Home Page
Ancestry Member Connect lets you collaborate with the largest online
genealogy community to learn more about your shared family history
No ability to add record images
Search Ancestry’s databases for records and attach them to people in your family tree to provide documentation for your family history

If you have any questions, our customer support staff would be happy to help! Please click here for a list of contact numbers and hours of operation for your area.

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