Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are you ready for the 1940 Census ?

I am giving a presentation at my local Family History Interest Group tonight on Volunteering to help Index the 1940 Census tonight. Thought I should get my list of "Who To Search For" when the 1940 Census is made available.

My file, at the moment, has 8,315 people in the file. A Custom Report with everyone (All Individuals) would take 374 pages. Not doing that. So, how to generate a more useful list.

Go to the Publish Workspace, and select the Person Collection.

Select Custom Report.

Remember that you do not have to wait for the report to complete before you start making changes to the report.

The information that I want to see is the Name, Birth, Marriage, and Death information for each person, and that I want the Preferred Only Facts. So, select the Items to Include ICON (Right Hand Panel, Left ICON). That will bring up the Items to Include Screen.

The Name sort Order will work for now.

Now to reduce who to show in the report. For this first draft of the Report, I am only going to list Who was Born AFTER 1900.  (this can be adjusted later). The thought is that by the age of 40, the person might own, or be part of a House Hold.

In the Right Panel, Selected Individuals button is selected.

Will Select Filter IN >, in the Center Panel, Select the Birth Fact, Date, and Is AFTER, 1900. This will move everyone who was born AFTER 1900 from the Left Window to the Right Window.

That got the list down to 542.

Next would be to remove (< Filter OUT) anyone who had died BEFORE 1940. Selecting < Filter OUT, select Death, Date, is BEFORE 1940.

That didn't do too much. So, the next would be to Remove (< Filter OUT) those born AFTER 1940.

Again, Selecting < Filter OUT, Select Birth Date is AFTER 1940.

That's more like it. The result was 246 People, on 16 Pages. Entered the Title of the Report Who to look for in 1940 Census and Saved the Report (Right most ICON in the Right Panel) so that I can bring that report up again.

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