Thursday, December 12, 2013

AncestryDNA and Ancestry Member Trees

On Thursday's at 1:05PM, I try to catch Crista Cowan's Live Stream Bearfoot Genealogist live broadcast online. Today was one of those days, BUT she went through what she was talking about so fast that I couldn't keep up. Too Fast, in this case isn't a bad thing, some folks may not be all that interested. The Good News is that it is recorded.

I went back, listened, paused, got my DNA Results page open, restarted, and when through my results on one screen, while watching Crista on another screen. Followed what she was doing, page by page.

Here is a link to this Live Stream:

I looked at the first, closest "hit", following the HINT (shaky leaf). I opened this screen.

I made a note, as Crista suggested after I looked at my Ancestry Member Tree. I knew the names in the tree, on this page, and I knew who Thomas was. He is the older brother to my Charles, both sons of Capt. John Worthington.

I have emailed G.H. through Ancestry's email application and await a response.

My DNA challenge isn't for Thomas, nor his father, but I have hopes that this other researcher has information on Thomas' grandparents. There WILL be questions about that information, but at least I have my first "new" DNA match using AncestryDNA with the use of my Ancestry Member Tree.
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