Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blog Posts On Hold

To follow the lead of my friend Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings I had planned to export a GEDCOM file from FTM2014 and import them into Legacy Family Tree 8 and Roots Magic 6 (with the new patch). I have decided not to do so. I did the testing to both, but I ran into the age old GEDCOM issue.

The good news is that the data made it and both were able to locate my media files. However, the clean up in either program is not what I want to tackle right now. The Citation information made it over to both.

The issue(s) have to do with notes. Again, this isn't a new issue. For example, I have Person Notes and Research Notes. Two separate items for me. The Person Notes is for the Stories about that person. Oh, they made it, but the Research Notes were in the same part of the record, even though there are research notes for the person.

None of the Place Names were error free. Both Legacy and Roots Magic, for example, want to use United States, while FTM2014 uses USA. With 144 places, in the file I used. It is too much clean up.

I couldn't get the Mapping feature to work at all in Roots Magic 6. I must be missing something there, I even worked on the Roots Magic 6 Edit Place to use the Roots Magic 6 "standard". What was really interesting is that I was taken to the correct place on the BING Map just couldn't use the Mapping feature with the program, either by place or person.

I am choosing not to post my results because of the underlying technology (GEDCOM) for sharing our research. I guess if I hadn't spent so much time, carefully using Research Notes, Source Notes, and Fact Notes I might test further. If you don't use those features within FTM2014, the transfer is probably much better.

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