Thursday, May 22, 2014

Family Book Creator - Second Book - Printing

A couple of hints about the book that I just created:

Family Book Creator - Second Book

The book I created was 109 pages with pictures. I wanted 5 bound books so that I could give the book to my 1st cousin 2x removed, the 7 year old. The quote was over $300.00. Oops, that's not going to work. Out of the 109 pages, less then 20 had colored pictures on them. The rest is text.

They are going to bind the book, double sided pages, with ONLY those pages with pictures will be in color. There are thumbnail pictures in the report, they will be black and white, but the photos on their own pages will be in color.

The price will be about $100.00 for 6 books. I added one, as the family picnic where I am going to deliver the book will have another 1st cousin, 2x removed. He might as well get one as well.

It has been suggested that I do a video on how to generate a PDF file, which I will, from within FTM2014, but for this Plug In, there are too many variables.

Also, please visit Randy Seavers blog based on his experience with this plug in.

Family Book Creator - Post 1: Creating the Book

Family Book Creator - Post 2: My Ancestors Book - First Try

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