Friday, May 2, 2014

First "confirmed" SmartMatch

OK, now my email is filling up with notifications from My Heritage. I am going to blog about the First SmartMatch™ result. As I look at what a SmartMatch is, its where there are Two Trees, online at My Heritage that have a match. I want to share the experience of the first one.

I get this email:
[ user name ] a MyHeritage member from Germany, just confirmed 2 Smart Matches between his family tree and yours, for the following people: 

Linus John Theis and Mary Elizabeth Theis (born Kessler) 

View these Smart Matches 

Recommended next step: click the above link to review these Smart Matches and confirm whether they're correct. 
This will help you learn new information about these people in your family tree. 

Tip: when you and the owner of another tree mutually confirm a Smart Match, it becomes fully validated. This is useful for distinguishing between correct and incorrect matches. 

If you have not done so already, view your Smart Matches and confirm all the correct matches

Have a great day, 
 This looks interesting. Not one of the names that I have looked at for awhile. So I clicked on the View these Smart Matches.

This is not the full page but I know THAT name and it says that the user "confirmed this match on May 1 2014 (today)

So, this USER has already Confirmed this Smart Match and All I need to do is to Confirm This Match. Well, lets see. You will see below that Mary Strode is marked in both trees, with the same birth and death DATES (years), BUT, and a really Big BUT, none of the relationships are right, at least in my tree.

My answer was No - reject this match. My database reflected NO 2nd marriage and the places aren't right.

After I clicked on the "NO" button I saw this:

I do have a chance to add additional information as to why I was rejecting this "match"

I was stunned a bit, because I thought "here we go again" someone "matching" trees with no documentation. As soon as I saw that there were not relationships and the place wasn't right, I stopped and will go onto the next message. I am not going to base my results on one SmartMatch™ and walk away. I'll work on another.

Guess I better get a score card out, like my Genea-Blogger +Randy Seaver at does, just to see what really happens.

I will now have to determine what a SmartMatch is really supposed to do. I did have a good result when I followed a Newpaper Article Hit.

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