Thursday, May 22, 2014

Family Book Creator - Second Book

This is a follow up on using the Family Book Creator plug-in for FTM2014.

On facebook, a cousin told me her 7 year old daughter wanted to know about "where she came from" and who her Ancestors were. So, I wanted to put this plug in to real use and to be able to create a book that a 7 year old might be interested in.

In this video, I spend a few more minutes with some of the options. What I have focused on, is how you can EDIT a book, created with this plug in, to make adjustments to the content of the book that was created.

This book will not have Footnotes, Endnotes, nor a lot of detail on the person, but will have a Bibliography, Index of Places, and Index of People AND colored pictures that are in my family file.

I should also mention, that it was another "out of the box" book. I did not look at the User manual, nor have I fine tuned the book based on the developers documentation. Just trying to see how difficult it would be for me to just create and now edit the book.
Copyright © 2014 by H R Worthington

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