Friday, May 2, 2014

My Heritage - another mess to clean up

Based on my Upload to My Heritage, I received another email. This one was from Now, I have just been ignoring because I had worked on that website, to share and to see how it worked, a while ago.

Then I remembered that was part of My Heritage, as was discussed in the +DearMYRTLE  Genealogy Community. So, I thought I would look.

Oh no, another mess to clean up. If I am reading this correctly, I have a account and a My Heritage account. When I logged in, I was asked to subscribe, but I just paid for a subscription AND the "name" on this account wasn't the same.

End User messed up. That be me.

Since I was there, I thought I would look to see what THESE

Good news, Geni found 1 new Tree Matches for you!

were all about. This time there were some helpful information.

What is a Tree Match?

Geni is a shared family tree which means that there should only be one profile on Geni for any individual. Using advanced technology, we constantly search Geni trees for duplicate profiles that appear to be for the same individual. We call these Tree Matches. You should merge these duplicate profiles to grow your tree and discover new relatives.

Tip: Merging profiles can add an average of 100 more people to your family tree!
Here is what I found.

68 Matches. OK. Now I need to see what "tree" is on Geni or what part of the tree I had uploaded from an earlier version of Family Tree Maker.
I thought I would look around a little more to see if I understood what was there.

It appears that I have 21 Tree Matches, 32 Record Matches, and 24 Smart Matches.
When I start to work on this, I can start from here. What is nice, that on a per person basis, I can see how many of those three categories that person has.
I am thinking that I am just going to delete this tree and use the tree I uploaded onto My Heritage, as it would be more up to date.
Before I do any of that, I need to look around the My Heritage and the website to see if they have some suggestions, articles, or blog posts about my "next steps".
Why am I talking about My Heritage on my Family Tree Maker Blog? Simple, 1) not everything is Online, 2) not everything is on, and 3) from within FTM2014 you can capture information from other websites. That is very important to me, as I demonstrated in that Newspaper Article that I have only found on My Heritage. I do it ALL from within FTM2014.

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