Thursday, October 5, 2017

Blog Question: FTM2017 vs AMT Citation Information

A blog reader asked:
When you add a source on the Ancestry side of a tree there is a field titled 'other information'. Do you know where or if this information shows up in FTM on the desktop?
I think that the field "other information" has been removed from the Ancestry Member Tree Citation window.

I thought that I would do a blog post showing the Ancestry Member Tree Citation Window and show where the information comes from, within FTM2017.

The window on the Left is from the Ancestry Member Tree (AMT). The window on the Right is from FTM2017, Sources Workspace, the Edit, Source Template window.

The First 4 items in the Template are included in the Source Information screen on the Left. The Comments that I put into the Source Template are included in the Source Information.

I do not believe that the Source Comment that I have in FTM2017 should be included in the Source Information in that AMT.

Secondly, you will note that the AMT calls for a Repository. A record from a Web Site should NOT have a Repository. An Online Record should be cited like a book. You can get that book almost anywhere, so NO REPOSITORY.

I think this is very confusing for those who view the Citation in an AMT. 

For those who do there research in an AMT, will find that will be listed as a Repository on this screen.

To me, the presentation of the information in the AMT is "up side down". The information about the SOURCE should be at the Top of that window, not at the bottom.

Continuing with the rest of the data in the Citation windows of the AMT vs the Citation in FTM2017.

The Citation Detail in FTM2017 is transferred to the Citation Detail in the AMT, which would be correct. (should be below the Source Information)

The Citation Text in FTM2017 is in the AMT Citation but is labeled "Transcription". That is totally wrong. I have marked that field as do NOT include that information in the Citation / Reference Note, so should NOT be uploaded to the AMT.

Same as the Web Address. That is marked as NOT to be included in the Reference Note so should NOT appear in the AMT Citation screen.

The  lower left of the AMT Citation window has my Citation Notes information. That should NOT be included in the AMT Citation. 

Just trying point out where the information in the AMT Citation is coming from, when the AMT is maintained by FTM2017.

These issues have been raised to both and Family Tree Maker. 

I hope that FTM2017 will NOT publish to Ancestry, the fields that I have indicated and should be treated like a Privatized information.

I understand that in some cases some information in the Citation Notes might be included in the AMT. Easy solution here, just have a privatized option for that Tab. 

For the Citation Text field and the Web Address Field, No Check Make, don't upload to the AMT.

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