Friday, October 27, 2017

FTM2017 User Question - Adding Media Files

User Question:

In FTM 2017, when adding a picture, do you link to the media or allow FTM 2017 to make a copy and link from there?

My Answer:

Use the COPY option,when adding a New Media File to your FTM2017 file.

Reason: (and I have blogged about this before)

It's another COPY of your / my valuable images. When I take a photograph, scan an image, I do NOT want to touch that file again. I always want to work with a COPY of it. I might want to crop that image, resize it, change it's looks. I have messed up in that past, and I am guessing others have as well, but that is OK, because I am working with a copy.

The same goes when adding a new media file to Family Tree Maker. There is another reason from the above, and that is when you do a Compact and Back Up, the Media Folder, where that COPY is saved, will be included in that Back Up. Using the Linked option, will only include a LINK to that Media file.

IF you were to send a Back Up file, with Linked Media, those Media Files will not be included. When that sent back up is restore, those Media files will be missing.

Here is a link to a Blog Post on this topic

Why the difference in the Number of Media Files ?

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