Friday, October 20, 2017

FamilySync Observation

Now that we have been using the new interface to, using the new FamilySync feature, I have an observation. This observation has changed "WHEN" I use the FamilySync Feature.

This observation comes from being aware of how long it takes to do a FamilySync. I have found that the more citations that I am working with, the longer the Sync process takes. Instead of doing a Sync every two or three hours, I am doing it about every hour.

In this example, I had been working a couple of hours and ended up with syncing 2,165 Citations. My observation is that the Sync takes longer.

As I mentioned earlier, I have changed my Sync process:

  1. Compact and Back Up the file, ADDING the Time to the Back Up Filename
  2. SyncNow
  3. Export the FamilySync Log to a PDF file (saving that PDF file)
  4. File, Back Up, again  adding the Time to the Back Up Filename.
At the End of the Day, File, Close, File, Exit.

Copyright © 2017 by H R Worthington

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