Tuesday, October 3, 2017

FTM2017 - Sources Workspace - Standarized Rating

Now that we have our Citations crafted, now it's time to Rate our Sources. This will help with the Genealogical Proof Standards.

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  1. Hi Cousin Russ!
    I have been using Family Tree Maker since the first version came out.
    I have a huge tree and thought I was doing my documentation correctly but after watching your video on Sources I want to redo my sources the way you have shown on the video. After the recent upgrades to 2017 I have had soooo many duplicates in just about everything...pictures, people, sources. Can you help me on how to fix this and redo my sources?
    Would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you in advance.

    1. Rebeem

      First, please upgrade to FTM2019. You should check your emails from Family Tree Maker for upgrade offers.

      FTM2017 would NOT have created duplicates.

      Do you have an Ancestry Member Tree ? (no action required, only yes or no)



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