Friday, December 28, 2018

Blog Post Comments [ resolved ]

Dear Readers,

I have finally resolved a long standing email issue, when comments are made on this blog. I have followed all of the steps on various Google and Facebook Groups about this specific issue, many other Bloggers have reported the same problem.

The cause of the problem was known and we know when it happened. The "help" instructions were many, and were the same solution, but did not work for this blog.

I worked with a friend who had a working blog, and the Notification about a Comment being made was received. We compared settings.

After comparing one setting today, I found the problem, and it has been resolved.

I just published a number of Comments that were in Cue to be published and responded to each of them, except the dozen Spam comments.

I am sorry for the delay in having those comments published, but they are now active and I have responded to them.

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  1. and your problem setting was? I've had the same problem getting notifications, but don't have my comments requiring review.

    1. Randy - Blogger, Settings, NO to use Google+ Comments

  2. thanks, I think I've done that. I'll double check.

    1. Please let me know. When you do that, you should see some new options about that entry. Don't forget to Save



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